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TITLE : Anatomy Of Evil

I have always been fascinated with how the human mind works especially in the cases of abnormal psychology and what actually causes a person to be evil or how they can justify the actions theyve taken rape murder manipulation etc nature vs nurture has been a debate thats been going on for agescyrus barker is undoubtedly englands premiere private enquiry agent with the help of his assistant thomas llewelyn hes developed an enviable reputation for discreetly solving some of the toughest most consequential cases in recent historyanatomy of evil has 1003 ratings and 129 reviews lj said first sentence i understand it is said in scientific circles that if one attempts to boil a police psychologist richard brock is caught in a hostage situation which ends with the suicide of the gunman directed by andreas prochaska 201265 year old lulek a hit man working for the mafia is released from prison on parole the prosecutor who locked him up a few years earlier now offers him a job and provides him with a snipers rifle

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