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TITLE : The Boyfriend Whisperer

The boyfriend whisperer is a young adult american sports themed romance lexi malloy gets good grades and is a top basketball player most of her friends are guys which is okay by herwhere was the boyfriend whisperer when i was in school this book is sweet fun and utterly charming lexi is one of the guys something my high school self definitely relates to and while her own love life may be non existent she wants to see others find their true loveall right yall first things first just because a boy flirts with you does not mean they like you guys are well guys all they think about this especially effects teenage boys is sexkindle shop whlen sie die abteilung aus in der sie suchen mchtenmy young adult novels the boyfriend whisperer 20 2019 the boyfriend whisperer 2016 em and em 2015 and the funeral singer 2013 are all published by swoon romance ya

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