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TITLE : Youve Been Set Up

Being set up to take the fall certainly isnt easy to detect because it can be done in so many different ways and for so many different reasonsre help ive been set up reply by dustindraper on december 10 2007 mail this to a friend dnr says we are all criminals and we are treated as suchanonymous said this has been happening in my office for a couple of years were asked to do more but not given any resources extra money equipment etc to get it donethe set up to fail syndrome is a known phenomenon whereby people get put into situations where it may appear on the face of it that they have a fair chance of success yet the reality is that no matter how talented they are there is little real chance of succeedingthe difficulty you have is that you didnt obtain her number from her directly so make sure you come across as a non threatening normal human being otherwise she is going to wonder why her mate is giving her phone number to random weirdos

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