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TITLE : Plant Disease Epidemiology

Plant disease epidemiology is the study of disease in plant populations much like diseases of humans and other animals plant diseases occur due to pathogens such as bacteria viruses fungi oomycetes nematodes phytoplasmas protozoa and parasitic plants plant disease epidemiologists strive for an understanding of the cause and effects of plant disease epidemiology how can there be an epidemic on plants gr epi on demos people well strictly speaking we should call it an epiphytotic but the term epidemic has become so widely used in reference to plant disease and so entrenched in the phytopathological literature that we are forced to give in and leave epiphytotic to the etymological puristsplant disease epidemiology is a dynamic science that forms an essential part of the study of plant pathology this book brings together a team of 35 international expertsplant disease epidemiology deals with diseases in plant populations during the past century it has become a vibrant field of science achieving significant conceptual innovations with an important impact on the management of plant diseasesas the global climate changes plant disease epidemiology faces important questions will climate change render plant diseases more harmful to man made ecosystems or less

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