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TITLE : A History Of Psychology

Overview psychology borders on various other fields including physiology neuroscience artificial intelligence sociology anthropology as well as philosophy and other components of the humanitiesoffering a fresh accessible and global approach to the history of psychology the fully revised second edition of eric b shiraevs a history of psychology a global perspective provides a thorough view of psychologys progressive and evolving role in society and how its interaction with culture has developed throughout history from 1896 functionalism functionalism an early school of psychology focuses on the acts and functions of the mind rather than its internal contentsthis brief inexpensive text offers the utmost in flexibility in teaching the history of psychology used as a stand alone text or with readers this engaging book is noted for its analysis of the scientific and philosophical emergence of the fieldneuropsychology is the study of the structure and function of the brain as they relate to specific psychological processes and behaviours it is both an experimental and clinical field of psychology that aims to understand how behavior and cognition are influenced by brain functioning and is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of

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